This is Zachery Adam’s Story

Youthful outlook with more than a decade of experience

A family man with a passion for helping people, Zachery “Zack” Adam has pursued a career in mortgage lending ever since his own first home mortgage — a bad experience he hopes to prevent for others. He researched the mortgage lending industry and realized that he could have avoided all the trouble had he known the right questions to ask.

“There are two types of homebuyers: those who have no idea of what’s involved and those who feel like they were cheated in some way. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

Zachery Adam

He came to understand that homebuyers needed guidance they weren’t getting. Inspired, Zack had to do something about it. Becoming an independent mortgage lender with Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville represents the culmination of his dream.

An Unfocused Beginning

Zack was raised by unconventional parents in California and New Mexico. An avid dirt biker, he mostly learned by doing. Formal education never seemed to be high on the list of anyone’s priorities. As a result, Zack couldn’t read or write when he entered school, so he had to work that much harder than his classmates to catch up.

He worked hard enough to be admitted into a prestigious high school, where he excelled in ceramic pottery and math. While these skills might seem at odds with each other, they complemented his interests. And his math prowess helped him get into college.

Focusing on the Future

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a major in Social Anthropology, Zack began fundraising for his alma mater, eventually raising more than a $2.4 million annually. At 24, he bought a house, a transaction that changed his life. Determined to make the process easier for other homebuyers, he began his career at a big bank in California.

He spent six months in a specialized bank school learning the way banks handle mortgage loans. By this point in his life, Zack had learned to value education. Since he didn’t grow up with it, he never took it for granted. He learned as much as he could while he worked for the bank — the good things and the bad.

“My business ethics include education, transparency and integrity.”

Zachery Adam

Breaking with the Big Bank

Over time, Zack became increasingly frustrated by the limitations of mortgage lending operations at the big bank. By offering only the traditional mortgage products, his employer often tied his hands. He knew there had to be a better way to assist homebuyers.

A recruiter found Zack at just the right time, and he learned about Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. He did his research into the world of independent mortgage lending and liked what he found, so he made the jump. Prime offered Zack the flexibility and the range of products he felt he needed to better serve his customers.

“Working for an independent lender gives me the upper hand. What sets me apart is that I close on time, every time.”

Zachery Adam

A Family Man

After 15 years in California, where he got married and started a family (two daughters and a son), Zack was ready for a change. He and his wife Maha eventually chose Asheville, North Carolina, as they sought a community-driven mountain town that treasures family values and an active outdoor adventure scene. The process of relocating took two years.

Zack loves mortgage lending not only because he gets to help people, but also because it allows him the flexibility to spend quality time with his family. He goes hiking and mountain biking in the mountain terrain surrounding Asheville, and he finds waterfall adventures for his family to enjoy. His work ethic and drive stem from the strength he derives from his familial bonds.

“Everything I do, I do for my family.”

Zachery Adam

Call Zack at 828-242-4780 or contact him online to talk about which mortgage loan is best for you.

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